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The key to any online marketing plan is design. The Internet's impact stems from the visual and dictates how and what potential customers see (and like). The most popular sites feature eye-catching, balanced, and surprisingly simple graphic design.

We have professional, Web-savvy graphic artists using their experience and talent to provide you with the interface you need. Using Java, Real, Photoshop, and Flash technology, Randoon.Com creates dynamic, visually exciting yet uncluttered web sites.

We will scan, manipulate and place images you give us as you want them to appear on your web page. Like any part of the web page marketing process, design requires open, ongoing communication. We are committed to receiving as well as offering suggestions on design, and can transform an existing image into (nearly) anything you want.

Graphic Designer means just that. Randoon.Com designs original logos, banners, icons, headings, images, animation and other design elements to make your web site truly unique.

The success of good design depends upon good content. You have under 10 seconds to capture the teensy attention spans of an Internet user! A brief opening paragraph on your home page can clearly explain what you do and how you do it. If packed with keywords, it can attract search engines. Randoon.Com strives to include such keywords and to establish a brief yet compelling look for your opening page.

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