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Our clients have told us that their web sites are allowing them to become more creative, efficient, and wide-reaching in their marketing efforts, and at a significantly lower cost. With an effective web site, they spend less of their precious capital on expensive printers or in-house publishing systems. Their print marketing materials are enhanced, rather than replaced, by their web presence.

Below are just a few of our clients now actively marketing their organizations and businesses on the Internet.

Christina Sauve
This site is a template for Christina to develop her own Web authoring skills.
This was a concept site that never took off.
I developed my cgi skills on this project. 
This site was primarily developed by hand back in 96-97. I  converted it to FrontPage in 98. Developed over a number of years, this site won an award in 2001.
Exquisite Blooms
I played around with QuickTime's 3D movies. PhotoShop and took a few digital pictures.
We grabbed a pretty kewl URL as well.
Another site from my past. Mostly created by hand in html and PhotoShop 3.0
Robert Service. What can I say? I just had to get on board this project. I created the CD artwork as well as the site.
This is my father's site. He just retired and the site is about to be revamped by the new owner.
They asked me to "whip up" a web presence back in 98. The site has just under gone a slight face lift by others, however it has changed very little. 

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